2 Euro Coin detector which Country is it? Is it front or backside from this coin?

i want to build a smal “2 Euro Coin” Sortermachine. Only “2 Euro Coins” no other are inside the System. But the first Level is to detect this “2 Euro Coins” with a Webcam. After this will be work, come the mechanic to sort over a carousel to sort it out. Maybe LEGO or some Thing else. Relaycard inside a PC…
Or a ESP32

What i want is to cognition or identification is:

  • Webcam see the Frontside or backside of the “2 Euro Coin”
  • if backside which Country is it?

Known Problems can be:

  • 2 Euro Coins can be lay under or in front of the Webcam in different Angels

Things and Ideas:

  • Light around the Webcam. All Pictures and watches on the coins are with the same conditions
  • The same Background for the Pictures
  • Webcam mounted direct over 2 Euro Coins - Database with Pictures from Coins that i have to detect other coins easyer

Do you like it ?

Do you want to join in?
Unfortunately, I can’t program myself.
But I myself have a background in electrical engineering.
I can work with 3D printing and Fusion360 and design parts myself.
Unfortunately, I have no direct knowledge of the software myself.

This is a HOBBY project, because I collect 2 euro coins.

Thanks for any tips or that you would like to join in.

Actually I come from Germany

Here are some Pictures. Pictures not shot with this Webcam. Only with the iPhone. This is not a direct look up in the coin. These a only to Show you.

I can not post Pictures.
Here you find some: