Depth Units for Oak-D

What are the units for the depth data coming from the Oak-D camera? Is that disparity or depth? Also, is it really 8-bit?

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Have you found an answer ?
Which example do you use?

There has been no response. The depth data is definitely 8-bit. Most 3D cameras get 16-bit. I have put the Oak-D aside for now as there is no IMU support. Things should get better soon so I would not discourage anyone from using it.

Which api version do you use? DepthAI Gen2 or DepthAI Gen1?

I must say that I don’t understand oak doc.
Here it seems SGBM (semi-global-matching) is used and disparity is 8 bits

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please feel welcome to post some data.

if you get 8 bits, that is probably disparity data, but you can see what it is from eyeballing the values and how they represent the scene you’re pointing the camera at. and if it is depth data, you can point it at something 1 meter and 2 meters away and see what the values do.

units depend on what the calibration “model” data was. if it was in centimeters, as seen here, I’m betting that you get centimeters:

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