Implementing ONNX/Numpy operations (GSOC)


I’ve been using Numpy for quite a while and was interested in implementing most of what I used from scratch in C++, and there’s a project on GSoC ideas by OpenCV for this year, so I’m interested in doing some effort into this project.
My question is if there’s a PR that deals with similar functionality to follow as a guideline, or maybe new ideas.

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dare to ask on the mailing list, please.

Sure. Actually, I’ve reached out to a mentor for this project but no reply yet. And I’ve posted here because it’s so quiet there, besides I don’t have explicit questions.

maybe have a look at ongoing pr’s to the dnn module, like:

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll follow them and see if they could be of help. Also, I posted there since I’ll be submitting a proposal anyway.