Oak-D Info on IMU

I am looking for the forum to discuss issues with the Oak-D camera from OpenCV.org. The camera arrived yesterday and is working fine but I was hoping to see some information on the IMU that comes with the camera. I cannot find any way to access the IMU data. Thanks!

welcome. “the forum” would be this forum. I tagged your post with the OAK category.

I feel like I am breaking normal forum protocols by making this my 1st post and not finding the welcome\intro’s board. That being said, with just a bit of poking around I was able to find:

Can I Use and IMU With DepthAI?

Yes, our BW1099 (here) has support to talk to IMUs. And we are in the process of making a future version of the BW1098OBC (as well as BW1092) which have built-in BNO085. We do not yet have support for this IMU in the DepthAI API, but we have done proof-of-concepts and will be making this a standard feature through the API.

From the documentation on their site over at:

I’m just getting started with this myself, so I am sorry if that is of no help to you at all; good luck!

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Tastielvalues - thanks for the links and answering my question. There is some careful engineering involved as the IMU sample needs to match in time (as closely as possible) the frames that were captured. Searching through the Oak-D support code there is no mention of the IMU so I was discouraged. If new IMU devices are coming, it seems likely that whatever I would build would need to be reengineered. I think the best strategy may be to wait until there is a release with IMU support even if I have to buy a new Oak-D camera. I will watch to see if the IMU support arrives for the current Oak-D.