Oracle and Opencv

I need to use Opencv in Oracle 19C to replace “Oracle Multimedia” that is no more supported.
I am under windows 2012 r2 x64.
Then I downloaded and load jar file like that:
loadjava -u IMAGE/IMAGE -r -v -f D:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\19.3.0\db_home\jdk\jre\lib\opencv-3416.jar
But I can not register the dll:
C:\Windows\SysWOW64>C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32 D:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\19.3.0\db_home\bin\opencv_java3416.dll

C:\Windows\SysWOW64>%systemroot%\System32\regsvr32.exe D:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\19.3.0\db_home\bin\opencv_java3416.dll

ERROR: the module “D:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\19.3.0\db_home\bin\opencv_java3416.dll” failed to load

Someone can help me.

Thanks in advance.


what does this mean ? please explain in more detail
(a database using opencv ? rrlly ?)

does this mean, it’s presupplied from oracle ?

you’ll have a hard time, finding something prebuilt for such an antique that.

opencv_java3416.dll does not contain any COM classes, you cannot “register” it (what gave you the idea, you should ty ?)

(it contains the c++ jni wappers, intended usage would be: calling System.loadLibrary("opencv_java3416"); at startup of your java code)