Software for ArUco Markers with 4 cameras

I have a software running 2 cameras for ArUco Markers detection, to increase field of view I bought another 2 cameras and adjusted the software to run the 4 cameras, later I noticed when there is one camera loss the whole software will crash (which is undesirable, every 2 cameras system should work independently from each other), so I copy the software with old 2 cameras and changed serial number to new 2 cameras now I have 2 systems which are working independently and correctly, I need now one central place to manage the 2 systems and not two:

instead of running separately every binary file in cmd, i need to define a parameter to distinguish between 2 systems:

instead of running my software: bin/FirstCamerasSystem bin/SecondCamerasSystem

I need something like: bin/ run my FirstCamerasSystem or SecondCamerasSystem or Both

any Idea how I can do that ?

do you have the src code ?
do you understand, what it is doing ?
honestly, i see no reason for running 2 binaries here, can you explain, why it is so ?
can you also be more explicit about:

waait, wait, you have to explain further. what did you do, exactly, and how did it crash ?
we need to see code / exact error messages now.

general programming problems are out of scope for this forum.

that includes how to use command line arguments and how to juggle multiple processes.