What do you do with small but powerful OAK-D-Lite module?

Mini Pupper: Open-Source, ROS Robot Dog Kit

Mini Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts and beyond.
OAK-D-Lite brings the superpowers of Spatial AI to the price-point necessary to unlock all sorts of applications. With the module, Mini Pupper can run face detect, recognition, object detect, recognition, etc.

With OAK-D-Lite vision, it’s now your Border-Collie-level smart robotic dog. Border Collies are amazing because they can learn very specific hand signals (and they’re neurotic about them). Now Mini Pupper can be just as amazing (and neurotic)!
OAK-D-Lite is a really really wonderful module.
Looking forward to more and more use cases.


I used it to make a compact portable 3D still camera.
The output is used to create 3d holograms viewed on a Looking Glass Portrait 3D display.

Here is the build information posted on Prusa Printables: