Category Topics


The Python Category is for discussion of Python coding issues, optimizations, or questions associated with OpenCV. Please keep discussion limited to OpenCV related topics. General discussion of Python events, topics and style should happen at the Python website. Thanks!


The C++ Category is for OpenCV C++ questions. It should not contain discussion of general C++ topics.


This category’s purpose is for questions and discussions about OpenCV on the Android and/or Java. Please limit discussion to OpenCV related topics, such as build errors, customization, optimization, and performance related to Android/Java. Other topics, such as general discussion of Android or Java features, benefits, and news should NOT be posted to this forum.

Gigs and Jobs

Gigs and Jobs is a section to post and reply to opportunities to work and learn, and to connect members of the OpenCV community for mutual benefit. Companies should not use this space to advertise or self-promote. For example, it is ok for a company to post a job opening or gig. It is not ok for a company to list a company profile and list of services. All jobs/gigs should be OpenCV, AI, or Computer Vision related.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


OpenCV AI Kit (OAK)

This category is to capture questions and discussion about the new OAK board. Of special interest are optimization discussions, bootstrap and setup discussions, and discourse about performance and general feature use. Enjoy!