3D LiDAR Point Cloud to 2D Images using OpenCV and Python

Hi guys! I am currently interested in the topic of 3D point clouds and have been reading articles about it and trying out a bunch of Python codes to visualise the 3D Point Cloud. I got curious on the area of converting 3D point clouds (in a form of PLY/PCD) into 2D images using OpenCV and Python. I couldn’t find any comprehensive tutorials on how to go about doing the conversions from the 3D point clouds into 2D images/2D Grayscale images. Does anyone know how to go about it? Thank you!

so you’re asking to visualize a point cloud?

that is computer graphics, the opposite of computer vision.

you’ll want to use other libraries for 3d graphics than for CV.

while there are viz and oviz (using ogre) modules in contrib for this, if you want my 2 ct:
since you already have pcd files, just use ready-made meshlab or similar.

Nope, I’m interested to find out how to use OpenCV in Python to convert 3D point clouds in a form of PCD or PLY format into a 2D images/2D Grayscale Images.