About OpenCV Haar Cascades: Calculation and retrieval of x, y, w, h values for the bounding rectangle for face detection

Good day!

Does anyone here know how to pinpoint the exact code for calculating the Haar Cascades’ x, y, w, h rectangle values in the OpenCV library? I would just like to review the library codes myself and know how these x, y, w, h variables are calculated, but I don’t know where to start.

I already checked the library codes (which is in GitHub - opencv/opencv: Open Source Computer Vision Library) but I am having a hard time finding the specific code/s.

Your answers are needed ASAP and appreciated greatly. Thanks!

code is here, gl parsing it …

no, srsly, – read the fine paper, say something like: ah, integral images !

… and then move on, QUICKLY !
ssd/yolo like cnns have superseded this technique,
it may not even be partof the future opencv api …

Noted. Your response is appreciated. Thanks!

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