Any C wrapper for modern OpenCV?

I really really need to do my work in C. I was just wondering if there’s any C wrapper for OpenCV for a relatively new version? OpenCV started as a C library, how can it not even have a C wrapper now?

Let’s not go deep into why I want to use C. C has some features that C++ users don’t know about and mixing them both is too much of a hassle(I tried). Can’t believe it’s so hard to use two languages together which are often branded together. My project is heavily based on manual memory management and structures, which would be better handled in C as there’re a few struct features in C which are not in C++. That makes all the difference.

maybe check out OpenVX

cv::Mat would be awkward in plain C, and that thing doesn’t even use templates. the stuff in OpenCV that does use templates and classes, would be even harder to express in C.

technology progresses. I understand your hatred for C++ and its fanboys who love to get lost in mazes of their own making, proving how “smart” they are. still, you shouldn’t try to avoid C++ like the devil avoids holy water.

you can mix C and C++. label the functions you compile as C++ to be extern "C" and they’ll be properly linkable with C code. write OpenCV code in there.

i dont think, there will be an official C wrapper ever again,
but you could look at at wrappers like opencvsharp or gocv which all require an intermediate C wrapper

I already said that I tried mixing them. It’s too much of a hassle to do it. Simple calls aren’t hard but it gets really complicated really fast.