Anyone running on a Mac M1 in Intellij?

Trying to get past the problem in the image below. Note: I have switched to language level 11 in Project Structure, but still see this.

please, no images of code or errors here, they’re useless (cant be indexed, searched, etc)

please replace with text, thank you.

Good point; thanks.

I don’t see an edit button (disappears after time?). So I’ll repeat the critical text in this reply. I’d leave the image, even if I could edit, for its useful spatial/underlining cues that won’t come across in text.

Trying to compile samples/ no a Mac M1

IntelliJ’s console reports:
java: modules are not supported in -source 7
(use -source 9 or higher to enable modules)”

I have switched language level to 11 in the IDE–perhaps there’s another place I need to add -source 11?

Here’s my annotated version of that file, shown better in the image:

module org.bytedeco.javacv {
exports org.bytedeco.javacv; // this is underlined by IDEA
requires java.desktop;
requires transitive org.bytedeco.javacpp;
requires org.bytedeco.opencv; // this is red
requires org.bytedeco.ffmpeg; // likewise this
requires org.bytedeco.flycapture;
requires org.bytedeco.libdc1394;
requires org.bytedeco.libfreenect;
requires org.bytedeco.libfreenect2;
requires org.bytedeco.librealsense;
requires org.bytedeco.librealsense2;
requires org.bytedeco.videoinput;
requires org.bytedeco.artoolkitplus;
requires org.bytedeco.flandmark;
requires org.bytedeco.leptonica;
requires org.bytedeco.tesseract;