App crash when use glob function

problem : hi, When I use this function in debug mode, I have no problem, it works fine, but in release mode it causes the program to crash, why?

code :

std::vector<cv::String> images;
std::string path = "C:/Users/mahdi/Desktop/Left_01_14/*.jpg";
cv::glob(path, images);

application output! :

15:11:02: Starting C:\Users\mahdi\Documents\build-untitled-Desktop_Qt_5_12_11_MSVC2017_64bit-Release\release\untitled.exe …

15:11:06: The program has unexpectedly finished.

15:11:06: The process was ended forcefully.

15:11:06: C:\Users\mahdi\Documents\build-untitled-Desktop_Qt_5_12_11_MSVC2017_64bit-Release\release\untitled.exe crashed.