ASSERT: "false" in file qasciikey.cpp, line 501

Hello world, I’m tryin to use an IMX477 from Arducam with Python and using OpenCV.

When I launch the minimal code ( cv2.VideoCapture and cv2.waitKey breaking) without any action I get this : ASSERT: “false” in file qasciikey.cpp, line 501
Abandon (Core dumped)

When I launch the same code in clicking on any random key on the same time(“a” for example) it works.

I already installed qtconsole because it remains on google when I searched the solution but it doesnt change anything.

qtconsole 5.3.0

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance

qt does not like your keyboard / locale.
anything special in your setup there ?

also : os ? opencv version ?

Ubuntu 20.04.04 LTS
keyboard : French AZERTY
opencv-python from pypi

Any other special I guess