Assessment of the difficulty in porting CPU architecture for openCV

Hello everyone! I am working on implementing a tool to assess the complexity of CPU architecture porting. It primarily focuses on RISC-V architecture porting. As part of my dataset, I have collected openCV project. I would like to gather community opinions to support my assessment. I appreciate your help and response! Based on scanning tools, the porting complexity is determined to be high, with a significant amount of code related to the CPU architecture in the project. (referring to the overall workload from adapting the project to a specific architecture to achieving full functionality on that architecture). Is this assessment accurate? I look forward to your help and response.

opencv can be compiled to run on ARM targets.

most code is supposed to be platform-independent. assumptions as to the ISA (amd64, aarch64) may have been made.

there are hardware-specific accelerated paths such as NEON, AVX512, OpenCL, …

you’d best ask this on the github. the opencv core developers do not frequent this forum.