Building OpenCV by making own libraries from source files

Hello everyone,
I am Dhruv Jariwala, a third year computer undergrad from Mumbai, India. I am new to open source contributions and am acquiring knowledge about machine learning ,computer vision and allied fields. I would love to contribute to OpenCV but being a newbie I am not aware of how to get started.

I tried building OpenCV by making own libraries from source files using this documentation but I am not getting from where should I install the qt framework. After visiting their site I found that they are offering trails for installing the framework. I feel that I am not going in the correct direction, can anyone help

Thank you!

os ? compiler ? opencv version ?

if you want my 2ct:

don’t worry too much about qt for now, it’s only needed for some extra gui stuff (toolbar, buttons). use


in cmake to disable it.

Okay so I am using Windows OS to build the latest OpenCV 4.8.0
Thank you for the help