Can I convert from Contour (vector) to Mat?

I want convert from Contour (vector) to Mat.

Can I do it?

Contour was getted by using cv.findcontour function.

sure you can wrap a cv::Mat around a single vector of points ,
like: `Mat points(contours[3]);

but why do you need to do this ? please explain

Yes, I want sobel function based on converted mat. and want find Gx, Gy, Angle.

Can I ask to you the other question?

I obtained like blew, I want change to blew(full fill by red line). my mean is fill the defect

area. and want make completely shape.

And I want smoothly outer line of black object. Can you teach to me?

I aleady used gaussianblur, threashold and erode function.

wont work. it’s not a 2d image with equidistant “pixels”.
(you probably have to do your calculation manually)

what on earth is that ? explain, please

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Thank you so much your reply
As you can see, There’s a dent in the middle left. I want to fill it with black. And, uh, I want to soften the edges. The red line is what I drew by hand.
If it possible, can you teach to me source code? C++

mophology tutorials are here

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Can you explain that how to calculate manualy?