Compressing a big OpenCV Matrix into a 3D texture with Unity or not

I am a student and my project group wants to convert a very large OpenCV Matrix (about ten gigabytes) into 3D Texture, but the maximum resource capacity we have is 2 gigabytes for the 3D texture. we don’t know how to optimize this matrix to be able to create the texture. we are working with UNITY tool and it is for 3d visualization project

dont expect anyone to know about it, here ;(

curious, how you even acquire this (shoudnt be possible, far too large)
why abuse a computer-vision library for that ?

do you mean: a 3d volume / voxels ? or simply a 2d texture for a 3d engine ?

does anyone in your team know what “memory mapped files” are?

anyway, details required. volunteer all the information you can think of that might be relevant. do not wait to be prompted. don’t make this like pulling teeth because I recently lost my tooth pulling pliers.

Basically, our project consists in taking as input an OpenCV matrix which will be hundreds of gigabytes, transforming it into a 3D texture whose capacity must be in line with that which Unity accepts (This is where optimization comes into play ) and then make cut planes and output a chosen 2D matrix. I don’t know if it’s understandable now.

that was already clear. if you thought I was asking for you to reiterate those points, I must not have been very clear?

I asked for details, i.e. information you didn’t reveal so far. you also didn’t address any specific questions yet. I will not prompt again.