Contours shape detection


I would like to detect and get the position of a template shape in a another image. The template and the shape in the image have the same size.

For example, here is one template (on right) and the image (on left) :

I must extract the position and rotation of the shape if it exists in the image. How can I manage this ?

Thank you in advance

is that lidar? looks like lidar.

anyway, that’ll be a real challenge.

you’ll need to extract local features from both sets of data, then find matches.

no, SIFT/… are unlikely to work on this. they’re made for raster data, not point data.

you’ll want to come up with features like straight lines, curves, angles.

Yes, that are lidar datas

if you don’t know where to start, start by learning about SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping).

that usually has a much richer “needle” to find (in the haystack), and it has a previous pose to refine continuously, so it usually doesn’t have to find its own location from scratch.

however, in that area of research, there might be approaches for locating/pose-estimating a subset of a point cloud in the larger point cloud.