Convert RGB into Grayscale


I am opening images from a folder using glob function. The images are RGB. I am trying to convert them to Grayscale using the cv::cvColor(RGB, GRAY, cv::COLOR_RGB2GRAY). For some reason memory problem appears in Visual Studio 2019 as shown in image above. Could someone help me ?

please edit your post, replace the picture by textual source code and error message. there will be no help until you do that.

In the first loop open you load all images and push to an array.
Second loop, do nothing. just sets the variable Sum_BGR to point to the last image in the array.
Third loop, just try to convert the value in Sum_BGR ( that is pointing to the last image ) and store it in Sum variable.
If you need all images to be in gray scale, you can just open them as gray scale ( even if they are truly in color ) using cv::IMREAD_GRAYSCALE

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