cv::CAP_PROP_SETTINGS doesn't work

Hi, dear developers! I can’t find the way how to open the settings dialog, i am trying this way

cv::VideoCapture source(value, cv::CAP_DSHOW);
source.set(cv::CAP_PROP_SETTINGS, 1);

My system settings: VS2019, Windows 10, OpenCV 4.6.0 (WITH_DSHOW = true), C++

works for me… I’m getting this:


do you have assert(source.isOpened()) passing?

note that this dialog comes from Windows itself (dshow), not from OpenCV. it may also depend on the device’s driver.

it will certainly not work on video files, only on cameras. you are being vague on what value is.


Thank you for help, i put it after source.isOpened() and the dialog comes up