Detect numbers in grid

hello all ,

I have been recently trying to do a program using opencv (in python) which will take an image as input and return a matrix with positions and numbers identified . For example to the image shown the output must be something like [22,“null”,“null”] ; [“null”,“null”,16] ; [“null”, 25, “null”] .

I am not knowing how to get started ; help is much appreciated.

the example input image :point_up:

take a look at this sample

didn’t actually help me :upside_down_face: but thank you , atleast you tried to help me.
Like i just want to detect them using image processing only , or maybe something like ocr, tesseract , But I can’t include M.L into it

why can’t you do that?

like , I actually need to implement this in Elixir ( a functional programming language) using a library called evision
That is basically an opencv binding. And I need to use image processing (or) somehting like tesseract-ocr-elixir .
As all these are bindings of opencv , I thought maybe if I can implement this in openCV in python ; then i can translate the code to Elixir.

ok, sure, but why can’t you include ML?

the example you rejected is OpenCV

Hey, have you got any solution

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yes , i got the solution ig ; like it’s working for most of the cases

Hey, can you share with me ‘’

hey hii @anurag629 ,
Well I don’t actually have it in Python ; as I have done it in Elixir. I don’t think of doing it again in Python any time soon . If at all I do it in python ; i’ll definitely let you know . Wishing you good luck .