Detecting win screen in Apex Legends

Hello guys. I have just signed up to this forum. I have also just started with OpenCV and I use it with Python. So I just wanted to make some automation using OpenCV and need some help since it is some kind of specific. So I will run the program before start playing Apex Legends, and when I get a win, it will take a screenshot of it. So I tried doing it with Pymem but the memory reading wasn’t suitable for this. So I thought maybe it is doable with template matching. So basically a win screen seems like this :

And I want the program to detect this “You are the champion” thing and take a screenshot and save it when it detects. I know it is hard with dynamic screens. But since the “You are the champion” part doesn’t move and only the background moves, maybe it is doable. Also I thought that it can take a screenshot every let’s say 5 seconds and looks for that and if it doesn’t find it, it will delete the screenshot if it detects it will save it. I’m sorry if it is confusing and I can clarify the parts you don’t understand. Thanks in advance.