Displaying Onnx File in OpenCV

Hello! I would like to use a pretrained onnx file from my neuralnet in opencv. For example, I would like the object detection to be displayed within a python opencv imshow window. How can I go about doing this? I’ve looked into this topic but cannot seem to find anything substantial for the creation of a script. Any help would be much appreciated.

kindly take a look at the dnn samples,
play around a bit, then refine your question ?

and , just to clarify: you want to display the result from object detection, not the network structure itself ?

Thank you for the documentation and sorry for not explaining my question more thoroughly.
What I have is a retrained mobilenet ssd model for object detection that has been converted to an onnx file. What I want to do in opencv is use that model and display its object detection in an imshow window. After looking over the samples from the github repo I see some similar scripts but nothing exactly what I need. Essentially, all it needs to do is take that onnx file and then display the detection through opencv.