Dnn on mac arm64

Hello i am trying to build opencv from source using the latest commit, i built it with opencv_world enabled and python disabled… and tried two computers, on an intel mac and on an arm64 mac.

on the intel mac the detections are correct, but the arm64 version does not return any results, the code is the same and the building process also. Are here any other steps necessary?

from ccmake:

CAROTENE_NS: carotene_o4t
CPU/HW features:
Baseline: NEON FP16
required: NEON
disabled: VFPV3

any tips welcome!

what does it mean ? can you explain ?
did you try other dnn backends / targets ?

how can you test python code, then ?

Hi @berak i tested the c++ version, on the mentioned gist is below the python version.

and I just found the problem after debugging the forward method to explain the absence of the results, it was a linker typo on my build script :dizzy_face:

also dnn module works on arm64 mac for my ported models, tested: