Do OpenCV and TurboJpeg have the same image compression/decompression performance?

Hello, I understand that TurboJPEG is used to compress and release images of OpenCV.

Previously, due to the nature of Java project logic, byte[] data from Buffer was used.

Both libraries use Java wrappers.

TurboJPEG uses byte[] as a parameter for image compression/uncompression and must extract byte[] from Buffer.

OpenCV uses Buffer as a parameter.

There’s a big difference in performance here.

So I used OpenCV.

but as the project structure changed, I got byte[] data without having to go through Buffer.

OpenCV seems too heavy for image processing used only.

I’ve excluded all the modules that you can remove while building OpenCV, but there were quite a few modules that were essential.

So I posted a question because only TurboJPEG is now available (I don’t have enough time to test the performance of both libraries myself). I’m sorry.)

Do the two libraries have the same performance when used for image processing?

no, well, the java wrappers seem to use this
(but this is a very special case)

did you mean libjpeg-turbo? (used in the imgcodecs module)

which two libraries, again ?