Error libopenh264 Incorrect library version loaded

I re- installed from git hub

because I saw this error result
[libopenh264 [ Incorrect library version loaded

[ERROR:0@1542.993] global cap_ffmpeg_impl.hpp:3049 open Could not open codec libopenh264, error: Unspecified error (-22)

[ERROR:01542.993] global cap_ffmpeg_impl.hpp:3066 open VIDEOIO/FFMPEG: Failed to initialize VideoWriter

The generation is complete, the directory::outputs/mov2mov-videos\1686210731mp4

but after I installed
cmd show me this
Warning: no frames were generated for the mov2mov video

I’ve been struggling with this problem for four hours

please help me

I manage to get to know these sites and leave questions to get great solutions from smart developers

that’s a problem with your local ffmpeg installation
(h264 might be nonfree/dropped),
NOT with stable diffusion, mov2mov or opencv …

however, maybe you can just try out a different codec here