Error with the Plot2d::create function of the contribute package


I want to try the plot module of the opencv contribute package. Including the plot module into the .h-file works, but when I run the programm I got the following error:

|Fehler|LNK2019|Verweis auf nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol public: static struct cv::Ptr<class cv::plot::Plot2d> __cdecl cv::plot::Plot2d::create(class cv::debug_build_guard::_InputArray const &) (?create@Plot2d@plot@cv@@SA?AU?$Ptr@VPlot2d@plot@cv@@@3@AEBV_InputArray@debug_build_guard@3@@Z) in Funktion public: class cv::Mat __cdecl GraphicScreen::DrawRgbParade(int,int) (?DrawRgbParade@GraphicScreen@@QEAA?AVMat@cv@@HH@Z).

I think the compiler did not find the Plot2d::create function because there is an error with the build of the project. I tried different configurations with cmake and run the build process more often but I found no solution for this error.
Did someone have an idea?

not a compiler but a linker problem, you’re missing a .lib

you have to add


to your “Additional Libraries” in your linker settings

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Thank you very much! I added opencv_plot454d.lib to the linker and now it works.

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