Errors durins installation

Errors occur during installation of OpenCv for Qt with mingw.
In cmake, I select the source path(where the source is), then specify where i want to build it.

Next, i choose MinGw MakeFiles from the combo box, then i specify native compiler, i select both for c and c++, after i do that i get the errors like in the picture.

I tried to find a solution, but nothing works, that cmake is some primitive crap that i can’t even find a single tutorial to work with this thing in QT instead of MS… HOW do i fix those things? It’s like a month and i can’t get it to work correctly.

Also i get this error. “Error in configuration process, project files may be invalid”.

your screeshot is useless, it does not show the values you filled in, nor the errors.

There are no values to input, i said i only choose the source folder and build, then choose the compilers i use.

by looking at the output of cmake. your screenshot shows the last three lines of that. ALL of it is important.

wild guess (since this is using mingw)

it did not find a make utility, so you have to fill