Extra Modules - Text - Tesseract OCR

For Windows platform, C++ language, I have followed the instructions to create a Build of OpenCV with the Extra Modules and Tesseract, but it fails. I have noted the instructions are out of date.

Installation by Using git-bash (version>=2.14.1) and cmake (version >=3.9.1)

Does anyone know if it is possible still, is it still supported in the OpenCV build configuration. If it is exactly how is it achieved?

Or does anyone know of a pre-build distribution that has Tesseract ?.

What do ou mean “it fails”?
Can you give cmake output and error message?

The script files’ paths are wrong. (I corrected those).

The building of the Leptonica and Tesseract libraries (dependencies) fails.

Also the final step is a CMAKE command to build opencv, it has references to the above libraries in the command, but the cmakelists.txt file does not use any of those parameters that are specified on the command line ?. Does this mean the actual build system configuration no longer supports the command line options ?

cmake -G"CMAKE_CONFIG_GENERATOR" \ -DTesseract_INCLUDE_DIR:PATH="{myRepo}"/Install/tesseract/include -DTesseract_LIBRARY="{myRepo}"/Install/tesseract/lib/tesseract400.lib -DLept_LIBRARY="{myRepo}"/Install/leptonica/lib/leptonica-1.74.4.lib \

I cannot find reference to any of these in the CMakeLists.txt file:




The building of the Leptonica and Tesseract libraries (dependencies) fails.

That’s not opencv you should ask here