Extract a specific feature from an image


I’m working on this project where I’ve to separate some lines segments from others. I used Hough transform to detect these lines, however, I’m stuck on how I can extract only the lines I want. As you can see, in the image, I would like to extract the lines marked in red.

If someone has a idea of where I can find a documentation which can help or provide some code help, I’ll be gratefull.

I’ve provided my Hough transform code in case it can help for something.

img = cv2.imread('input.png')

lines_list = list()

if len(img.shape) == 3: 
    gray = cv2.cvtColor(img, cv2.COLOR_RGB2GRAY)
    image_all =  img.copy()
    gray = img.copy()
    image_all = cv2.cvtColor(img,cv2.COLOR_GRAY2RGB)

edges = cv2.Canny(gray,50,150,apertureSize=3)

lines = cv2.HoughLinesP(
        edges, # Input edge image
        5, # Distance resolution in pixels
        np.pi / 180, # Angle resolution in radians
        150, # Min number of votes for valid line
        minLineLength = 90, # Min allowed length of line
        maxLineGap = 40 # Max allowed gap between line for joining them

for points in lines:
    # Extracted points nested in the list
    # Draw the lines joing the points On the original image