Extract ColorChecker patches regions from CChecker

Hi, everyone!

I’m testing MCC module to correct colors of my images.
I was able to build/install the module, extract the Color Checker from an image and draw the patches on the image.
Now I want to get the regions (e.g. the 4 rectangle vertexes) of the color checker patches, drawn by the CCheckerDraw.

How to do it?

Looking at the source code, CCheckerDraw::draw function gets the region from CChartModel data, but CChartModel is not exposed in the DLL. And I don’t see any other object that exposes such info.
MCC test source has a runCCheckerDraw() function, that checks that the number of contours generated by draw() function are == to the number of expected patches. I can extract the region from said contours, but seems a lot of useless extra work.

I know nothing about mcc module but samples are here and tutorial here. i hope it will help you

Most examples and the tutorial just detect+draw the patches. I based my work on those examples.
color_correction_model.cpp seems to have something more interesting. Will look into it.


Nope, it doesn’t extract the ROIs. It extracts the colors and compute/apply the color correction.

Do you have a solution about extract the ROIs?