Face Detection slow from video

Face detection slow from video.
how can use CV.cuda in python?

Please don’t post your code as an image.
If you want to use cuda in opencv you have to build opencv yourself using cmake

yes i have build by using cmake. and build is successful.

but actually the problem is can’t abe to use function and import function.

if any reference code to use in python pls help.

i don’t know how to take reference from C++

face_cascade using cuda it’s here but I cannot find any python binding

hi Thanks for this link. i already went thru is link and reference.

but don’t know how to use this cuda with open cv in python.

if any lead pls help me to do so .

Thanks for sharing the tutorial link, but it still hasn’t helped me to make modifications in python


what modifications would those be and why do you have trouble with them?

be aware of what has been said: there are no python bindings for that specific API (cascade classifier for cuda).

R u using raspberry pi?

If u can post the code. We can help u.

no, i am not using raspberry pi. i am using python.

i have created open cv with cuda build by using Cmake.