Faceswap.dev, remove head, get only the new face

I am doing some deepfakes in faceswap.dev. I want to have only the new face without the head its connected to. I got the suggestion to use openCV writer with the “draw transparent” plugin configurating setting. Can someone here help me with this? openCV is all new to me.

what exactly would that be ?

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Thanx for reply,
I can have missunderstod this, mayby this option is for the Pillow software. The openCV was also suggested but I got no info on how to do this more specifically.
I have a clip with a head with a new face, I want to have only the new face without the head. Do you now how to do this? The person suggesting openCV on the faceswap forum is competent as far as I know.

“the faceswap forum”

how about you link to that specific post you get your advice from?

it’s prolly one of those

unfortunately your problem is not about programming with opencv, but how to use that faceswap program, and we cant help much.

Thanx again,
I think I need to use openCV for this, its not an issue with faceswap, but I am going to
get more info from the faceswap forum so I can explain better. What I want to do is not included in faceswap, it has to be done outside as I understand.

I start to think you are right, its a part of faceswap that is used, this will simplify a lot for me, thanx again.

I just want to thank you again for your help, you are right, its solved now.