Find checkerboard pattern with only two rows

I am trying to find chessboard corners with a pattern with only two rows. Unfortunately at the resolution required and distance a big chessboard with only two internal rows is all I can use. Is there a python code I can use for this task?

the usual findChessboardCorners should work for that.

does it not work for you?

it doesn’t work. it needs >2 rows. My board is as in the attachment.

if you’re set up to build OpenCV yourself, you could mess with this assertion and see what breaks. I don’t see anything obvious that would prevent your use case.

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Thanks. Looks like that’s what I need to do. I am not building it myself though.

You could try it with a Charuco board instead. I think it would work, but I haven’t actually tried it. If it has a similar pattern width/height requirement, you could still (probably) get what you want by creating a larger pattern and cropping it. The Charuco process doesn’t need to see the full pattern in order to work - I’m not aware of any lower bound on how many rows/colums/total markers. Worth a shot?


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