Find the contour of a particular object among the contours of other objects in an image

In my project, I converted the image to grayscale,applied threshold, and obtained contours using canny edge detection. how to extract the contour of bunny from this image

you can do that by

  1. not doing any of that
  2. showing us the unaltered source image
  3. soliciting suggestions

because I can’t see a bunny in that picture at all.

you should immediately forget that Canny exists. it is good for very few things, and this isn’t one of them.

original image is like this

In this image ,is it possible to extract the bunny according to its conotur?

Hi @Vijaya_Murari

The general problem you are approaching is called segmentation. And the mainstream solution is deep learning segmentation, able to detect contours of “objects” it was trained to recognize.

We don’t have info about your purposed or how much time you want to spend on this (how many years).

I can recommend you to look for GrabCut tutorial and try it on your image.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion.