Find/Track/Spot Difference Between Frames


I have started as a ıntern in a company and my task is detect cable in given vide(its gonna be live video). I started learning OpenCV with my task and I am running of ideas. What I did is when “start key” pressed I saved frame(lets say reference) and from now I compare frames with reference
1- First I used absdiff in rgb and calculate length of pixels and check if its above threshold?
2- After that I tryed use different colorspaces. hsv gray lab…
3- Tryed object tracking, optical flow etc but cable is not detected as a good feature, corner and there is no cable movement in dense flow etc
4- I tryed threshold with gray absdiff. then use morphological operations for cleaning not a stable solution either

I am using blur for denoising too but everytime there is always threshold/blur value where its noisy or can not cath cable. What I need is a mask shows cable area only. What other approaches you have in mind? or is it hard to achive? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

video link:

Answer for now: looks like only solution is use threshold between frames since cable has no color and thickness. I will go that way. plus will find mask of vein(saturation is below 50 so with colored background it is easy). so can search only that area. for noise will use morphological open operation.