findTransformECC for image with floating vignette

I am trying to perform video stabilization using findTransformECC, which generally works quite well for me with ideal videos. However, my video comprises a rather static image, to which I want to stabilize, plus a vignette with very soft edge that floats over the image, with motion unrelated to the image’s motion. Performing the ECC transform on the straight frames leads to stabilizing mostly to the vignette instead of the image. Any high-level ideas? Cheers.

gonna need the data for any opinions. source data. if not a video, then at least two frames that represent the problem well.

of course! As a new user, I’m limited to links/media per post…
edge case:

ideal case:
(this already works rather well just by cropping largely within the vignette)

I don’t know where I can upload the full 1080p vid for download, but here is a 720p version easily downloadable:

based on that video, I’d recommend to generate “proxy” data that you ECC on, then use the tracking on the source data.

I would recommend the “proxy” to be a highpass, i.e. laplacian or difference of gaussian or something like that. that removes illumination and leaves high frequency features.