Force the stitcher to use the image with higher resolution

I am using OpenCV stitcher to merge 4 images with an overlap between each neighbor image. The stitching succussed. However, the seam finder tends to take bigger part from the mutual area from the image with lower resolution (resolution differences is due to different focal length between the images).

I tried to turn off the seam at all since I am not very interested in nice merging and blending. I just want to arrange the images in a row and choosing the mutual area from the zoomed image. However, the stitcher tends to take the mutual area from the right most image (as if it add the left image first then paste the second left one over it then the next till the last one).

The question: How can I tell the stitcher explicitly that I want as data as much from image 1 & 4 for example (the ones with higher zoom) over the image 2 & 3 (images with lower zoom) ?