GApi CUDA backend

Hi! GApi is a great framework for OpenCV! But it lacks documentation. Is there any way to use CUDA backend?
I’m running on Jetson Nano, which has no OpenCL support. How can I (if i can) use gpu acceleration using gapi without opencl?

Hey @Jakowlew,

For sure, there is a way to add a CUDA backend – the same way other backends have been added. You can have a look at modules/gapi/src/backends to get an insight.

The “cpu” backend can be considered a template one – it is a great starting point to understand how G-API deals with its internal representation and maps the operation graph to actual execution.

The “plaidml” is another simple example of how a G-API graph can be transformed into a compilable function.

I agree, the way to add a new backend isn’t described in the documentation well. We’ll add these sections in the future given the interest.