Generated disparity map is not proper

I am trying to generate the disparity map using two raspberry pi v2 cameras but cannot create a proper disparity map I have done stereo calibration and stereo rectification.
the projection error for both cameras is around 0.0309 and baseline is 75mm

I followed the procedure mentioned in the below link:

these are my stereo rectifed images and disparity map.

Would you tell where i am doing wrong.

calibration is broken. look at your pictures.

how do properly re-calibrate .please help me I have been trying to do this for a week now

present the calibration pictures. dropbox/gdrive/whatever works. I’m just looking to browse them superficially, for typical mistakes. if you want to, you can blur out anything you don’t want people to see.

stereo isn’t “low cost” anymore if you have to sink a week of your time into it. unless you’re doing this for the learning experience, I’d recommend just buying an “RGBD sensor” like a kinect or intel realsense or whatever’s popular these days.