Getting paid for improving OpenCV algorithms or adding novel ones?

I’ve heard talk about OpenCV software store or a similar way to monetize implementation of Computer Vision algorithms. Is there a way to get paid improving OpenCV algorithms or adding novel ones? I mean a way different from doing it as a course of someone’s employment.

I haven’t heard of anything like that. what’s your source?

I think Google Summer of Code participants get some money but those are supposed to be students.

My source is page 19 of “OpenCV: Rapid Growth and Evolution Beyond the Library” tutorial at the September 2020 Embedded Vision Summit, presented by Dr. Satya Mallick:

He talked a lot about the hardware part, but not a word about the computer vision software line item. I’m curious about any details of that.

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@spmallick I think your input would be appreciated here :slight_smile:

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@crackwitz : Thanks for tagging me.

@pauljurczak : We do not yet have an option to get paid for improving OpenCV algorithms. But we are have created a marketplace for AI models called Currently all the models are free, but in the future, we will allow model creators to monetize their models. The service is currently in beta but we are doing a public launch in just a few days.

Hope that helps.


Thank you. I will keep an eye on future developments in this area.