Global cap_msmf.cpp 471'anonymous-namespace'::SourceReaderCb:: onReadSample()video(MSMF):onReadSample() is called with error status -2005270523

Firstly, thank you to the teacher who answered the questions.
Problem description: When I tried to turn on the camera on another computer, it ran normally, but on a desktop computer, I encountered the following error message and was prompted with insufficient memory resources. After using the DLL file generated by normal startup to replace the relevant files, the camera encountered the following prompt problem when it was restarted. The camera was only turned on for one second and then turned off with an error.
global cap_msmf.cpp 471’anonymous-namespace’::SourceReaderCb:: onReadSample()video(MSMF):onReadSample() is called with error status -2005270523
global cap_msmf.cpp 483’anonymous-namespace’::SourceReaderCb:: onReadSample()video(MSMF):async ReadSample() called is failed with error status -2005270523

useless screenshot, please post text instead.
then, why do we see a java stacktrace ?

if the msmf VideoCapture does not work properly, please try

VideoCapture(0, CAP_DSHOW) 


After many attempts, it was found that it may not be because of code reasons, but related to the allocation of JVM boot parameters set on the 32-bit program running on the windows10 computer, and the relevant reason has not been found for the time being, after removing -xms -xmx, the error computer can open the program normally, otherwise it will report the problem of insufficient memory resources, or if there is a .dll file correctly generated during the previous test, it will report the content of the picture displayed at the beginning.