Has cv.h been deprecated?

Hello, I’m trying to compile a pre-existing project that utilizes OpenCV.

It includes cv.h, but after digging through all of the folders, it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
Has it been replaced? The only one similar that I’ve found is cv2.hpp. If there is a replacement file, are there any major changes I should be aware of?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Has cv.h been deprecated?

yes, and that was already decades ago

So it seems, the only source of it I could find was a 10 year old git.

Is there a suitable replacement? I wouldn’t be surprised it the whole thing has to be torn up from the ground up, but I have my fingers crossed that cv.h was simply built on and renamed.

you can try:

  • #include <opencv2/core_c.h>
    (and similar headers with a _c.h postfix)
  • check out the 3.4 branch and use opencv/cv.h

but in the long run, you’ll probably have to port it to the current c++ api

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Understood, I’ll look into it. Thank you kindly!