HoughCircles votes output in python?

Hi, I always only get x,y,r as output for HoughCircles.
How do I get the votes as the fourth element as well?
I have tried to put “circles” argument as an empty np float32 array of size (1,10,4) when I would normally get the same of size (1,10,3) when not giving the circles argument.
But then I only get very odd numbers out in that array.
Thank you.

What votes ? HoughCircles always gives only 3 values.

And if you use too big array (1,10,4) then probably it puts values in wrong places.

It may first create flat list with all values and later reformat it to (1,10,4).

Source code in hough.cpp shows sizeof(float)*3 in many places - so it uses only 3 values.

@furas, you’re looking at an outdated clone of the openv code (bad link, that’s from 2012 !)
the real stuff is here:

but unfortunately, this feature might not be available in the python api ;[


Thank you, I feared that :slight_smile: