How can I applied box function to detect face in colab?

hi , I am new to python I trying to give the prediction output with box that detect human face but after I run the video not have the box so how can I applied it in the codes?

def prediction (filepath):
  input_shape = (128, 128, 3)
  pr_data = []
  detector = dlib.get_frontal_face_detector()
  cap = cv2.VideoCapture(filepath)
  frameRate = cap.get(5)
  while cap.isOpened():
      frameId = cap.get(1)
      ret, frame =
      if ret != True:
      if frameId % ((int(frameRate)+1)*1) == 0:
          face_rects, scores, idx =, 0)
          for i, d in enumerate(face_rects):
              x1 = d.left()
              y1 =
              x2 = d.right()
              y2 = d.bottom()
              crop_img = frame[y1:y2, x1:x2]
              data = img_to_array(cv2.resize(crop_img, (128, 128))).flatten() / 255.0
              data = data.reshape(-1, 128, 128, 3)
              print((model.predict(data) > 0.5).astype("int32"))
  if ((model.predict(data) > 0.5).astype("int32")[0][0] == 0 ):
    return 'Real'
    return 'Fake'

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Hi buddy, did this work for you?

please note, that opencv’s gui functions are unavailable on colab (maybe write image to disk ?)

hi sorry, I’m new with this. where I need to input cv2.rectangle and cv2.putText? after y2 = d.bottom()? or before x1 = d.left().