How can i calculate the median of an asymmetric histogram (256 gray levels)

I’ve found some formulas to estimate the median of the histogram but they don’t work.

Where “l” is the lower border of the median group, “F” is the cumulative frequency up to the median group, “f” is the frequency of the median group, “w” is the width of the median group. But i have specific gray levels, not “groups”.

I want to find the histogram medians of a grayscale image different regions, and use it to threshold each image region with a different threshold value.

you sort it and access the median bin, no ?

be more specific, please

post data. and you don’t need to repeat yourself. 90% of that last post is a repeat of the first post.

wondering, where you found that formula, and what the original context is.
(you probably cant use it here)

It is fixed. I just did this

int median(Mat& hist) {
	float n = 0;
	for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++) {
		n +=<float>(i);
	float m = n / 2;
	n = 0;
	int j = 0;
		for (j; j < 256; j++) {
			if (n < m)
				n +=<float>(j);
			else break;
	return j;