How can I show the optimal focus value in real-time for a camera?

I mean, how can I show the focal length value (on screen) when its perfectly focused on any object

I have tried auto_focus function but not able to solve my problem

what is a “focus value”?

specified focal length value (or range of values for a zoom lens)

Focal length of a lens has nothing to do with focusing, especially with focus distance

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how would you even know that ?

Maybe somethings like, when the image is blur, then the camera will make an adjustment by itself or somethings… and later on when the object is in focused (based on blur and non-blur concept) it will show that specific focal length or something… I am not pretty sure about the process … maybe my concept is wrong but need to do something like this…

does your camera have servo auto-focus?

in some video I/O backends, you can get and set the focus as a device-specific number. explore CAP_PROP_FOCUS (integer) and CAP_PROP_AUTOFOCUS (boolean).