How correctly build UE4.27.2 with OpenCV for Android

Hey guys! I’m pretty new in OpenCV. Currently I’m setting up OpenCV 4.6 on Unreal Engine 4.27.2 for android (for meta quest2). All errors leads to FLANN library, I’ve got pretty annoying errors:
opencv2/flann/any.h(60,63): error: use of typeid requires -frtti
opencv2/flann/any.h(275,31): error: use of typeid requires -frtti
opencv2/flann/any.h(275,42): error: cannot use ‘throw’ with exceptions disabled

Any ideas how to build UE4 with OpenCV 4.6 correctly for meta quest2?
I’ve tried to google it but can’t find axactly same problem which include UE4, OpenCV and building for Android.
Thanks in advance for everyone!