How could I use Viz3d module in opencv-python?

I hope use viz3d in python!Thank you!

I see attempts to support this in the contrib repo…

official docs don’t show the existence of bindings yet, so it must have been merged after the last release. it might be available in master branches (build it yourself) or maybe it’ll be included in the next release.

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Python bindings for Viz module is available in version:4.5.2. on Windows OS probably you need to built OpenCV with VTK support

docs should reflect that. they don’t show python signatures for the viz module.

since docs and python bindings are both auto-generated from the same source, I have my doubts.


You can start with python sample :

or to gel all binding in opencv_contrib/ at master · opencv/opencv_contrib · GitHub

It is opencv_contrib you will need to build opencv with opencv_contrib (even with master) your self. You must build vtk before opencv